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Patient Dental Record software developed by Dr.Veranit Haycharoensri in 2003. Find your previous dental records within a couple of seconds!!! Dentalsoft2003:Dental software


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Quality Dental Treatment done by 25 years experienced dentist.


Dr.Veranit Haycharoensri:City Park Dental Clinic in Phuket Thailand


Very Warm Welcome to City Park Dental Clinic in Phuket,Thailand.

I am Dr.Veranit Haycharoensri or Dr.Nid.

I have designed and developed this website by myselfsince 1999.

I've been working as a general dentist for 23 years. My dental office has only one dentist,myself and one dental assistant. All dental treatment has been performed by me. If you were recommended by your friend,please be ensured that you will get the same standard dental treatment like your friend. .I always keep my dental equipment up-to-date and attend the dental seminar regularly to enhance my quality dental treatment. Phuket Dentist:Dentist in Phuket


LOW COST Dental Treatment ...Why?

At City Park Dental Clinic,The cost for one good quality Ceramic/Titanium dental crown at 10,000 THB instead of 30,000-40,000 THB in your country especially in Australia and New Zealand. That means you can save at least 30,000 THB for one crown. pay the same treatment fee like other local people, foreign residents or visitors. I have not dealt with any health or travel agencies or taxi drivers. So I don't need to pay any commission to them like other dental clinics.

International Patients Phuket Dentist
Phuket Dentist Thailand
Alice Young Australian patient Return visit/First visit in 2007
Phuket Dentist:Australian Patients
Phuket Dentist Thailand
Kevin & Julie Australian patient,August 1,2013 Testimonials:Phuket Dentist
Susan Cook New Zealand:Phuket Dentist Return visit/First visit in 2005

Clinical Cases
Ceramic Crown:Smile Makeovers at Phuket Dental ClinicGet New Smile in 7 days. Four All Ceramic crowns on two upper right and left lateral incisor and primary canine teeth combined with Natural plus teeth whitening. Thailand Dentist/Phuket Dentist Natural Plus Teeth Whitening at Phuket Dental Surgery in Phuket Thailand
Brighten Your Smile in 1 hour by the latest Innovation/Natural Plus Teeth Whitening.Phuket Dentist
Dental techonology/Innovation

Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner

Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner CD-4830 3 Litres has been available from July 11,2013 Phuket Dentist:Digital xray camera

Digital Xray Camera:Phuket Dentist ThailandDigital Xray Camera

The smallest Digital Xray Camera has been available for service from Jan.28,2013Phuket Dentist:Digital xray camera

Dental Handpiece cleaning machine

Dental Handpiece Maintenance Machine has been available for service from Oct.1,2012 Phuket Dentist:Digital xray camera

Natural Plus Teeth Whitening:Phuket Dentist Thailand

The Latest First Blue&Red LED Teeth Whitening Technology/Natural Plus has arrived at Phuket before other places in Thailand on March 18,2012.Phuket Dentist:Digital xray camera

Sealing Machine

In January 2012, the sealing machine was installed to seal the sterilization package for dental equipment. Phuket Dentist:Digital xray camera

Oil Free/Clean Air CompressorOil Free/Clean Dental Air Compressor

On March 1,2012,We have installed The Latest Clean-air/Oil Free Air Compressor which delivers clean air to dental turbines. Phuket Dentist:Digital xray camera

Titanium Dental crown:Phuket Dentist

The Latest Titanium alloy in metal-ceramic crowns&bridges has been available now since September 2011 Phuket Dentist:Digital xray camera

Soniwhite Ultrasonic Tooth Whitening Soniwhite Ultrasonic Tooth Whitening Technology

The Ultrasonic Teeth Whitening Technology/Soniwhite was available in October 16,2006 Phuket Dentist:Digital xray camera

Nobel Direct dental implantDental Implant

No scalpel,Flapless Surgical Dental Implant Placement Dental Implant

Kodak digital xray sensorKodak Digital Xray Sensor:RVG5000

In April 2005,City Park Dental Clinic was the first dental clinic in Thailand which installed RVG5000 Kodak Digital Xray Sensor. Kodak Digital Dental Xray

Beyond/Coldlight Tooth Whitening in Phuket ThailandPhuket Dentist:Coldlight Teeth Whitening

In 2004, Beyond tooth whitening accelerator was installed at City Park Dental Clinic.

All Ceramic Veneer,crown,bridge


phuket dentist

All Ceramic veneers,crowns,bridges
Closed to Nature by All Ceramic crowns,bridges,veneers,inlay and onlay Phuket dentist


IPS Emax Press
High strength (400 MPa) and high esthetics Emax Press

























Clinical Cases
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Australia Dental Tourism in 2003 by Phuket Dentist
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